Emissions on Isuzu Trooper


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Emissions on Isuzu Trooper


I have a 2000 Isuzu Trooper 2WD that I recently bought with 100K miles. The "check engine" light just went on and the dealership shop wants to charge me $350 to clean the emissions parts.

Is this something I could do? If, not, could any "non-dealer"/less expensive place do a good job? Sounds so simple to do but I have no idea

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I would get a second opinion if it sounds like something is not right. I would find someone who wants to fix the problem and who can tell you the exact problem you have. Ask around about shops people trust or you might try the AAA website for your state or area. AAA will list shops that are liked by the members of AAA and who do good business.

I don't work for AAA, just a good place for info.
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wow, i've been on this (excellent) bulletin board for a whole month and no isuzu questions, then two in one night!

in case anyboby here didn't notice, i'm a master 'dodge' and also master 'isuzu' certified, been working on both for 15 years(maybe someday i'll get one fixed, ha ha). note: to everyone here, isuzu uses 100% GM electronics, from pcm to every sensor on the car, also the entire trans is GM(sorry to say)that finally changes this year, warranty costs are too high.

first, what is the 'exact' code you have and the description, i really only need the "p" number

what i've been seeing lately, other than leaking intakes, on the 3.2/3.5L is the egr port clogs up, sometimes also a valve will clog, both of which are VERY easily unclogged, if you're handy with a ratchet and a 12mm socket, you can do this in an hour with a half hour break.

if you have ANY questions, post them here with 'isuzu' somewhere in the title and hopefully i can respond in 24-48 hours
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Can you give us a better description of the problem/charges/procedures the shop wanted to do?
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Isuzu Q for Mike in NJ

Thanks for the reply Mike in NJ.

Where do I get that "P" numbers you are talking about?

I had asked a question on an Isuzu Trooper whose "check engine" light was on and dealer told me it was an emission problem.

Thanks again
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A scanner, or minimally, a code reader will give the error codes. Autozone can read them for free. Tell us what they find.

If the dealer won't tell you which codes are there or why the light is on, find another dealer. The first one has no clue.
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the 'P' codes are what are stored in the computer when the check engine light comes on, P followed by 4 numbers. if you took it to anyone who diagnosed it this far, they should have recorded the 'codes' and if you paid for a diagnosis they have to tell you the codes, if it's not printed on the repair order copy you got as a receipt, call them and have them read you the back of the original copy, you should be entitled to the codes. post them here and hopefully someone here can help you with where it leads to.
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Original poster:

Autozone will read the codes free of charge. Have them do that and post what they find here
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trooper 2000

I am having the same problems as the other posts have. The code I am getting is PO405. Now the other problem I am having is when I clear the code, it runs fine for about 2miles then it starts to surge, it idels high then bogs down and it kills it self? I thought it was a vacuum leak or something like that. But if anyone can help me out it would be great.

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