Stupid coded keys


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Stupid coded keys

I have a 94 Bonneville. I just replaced the EGR valve on it and it drives much nicer. However, I was not able to enjoy it much after I fixed it because my mother borrowed it to go shopping and lost the key at the store. I have torn my place apart trying to find my spare for it but have not been able to, so it is stuck there. I would have jsut called a locksmith or something, but it has a coded key and will not start with just a new key cut out of it. Is this something a locksmith can do, or do I have to tow it to a dealer and have them make a new key? Or, if I can gain access to the inside of the car, can I just remove the ignition or something of the sort. Could anybody please give me some insight to what my options are? Please keep in mind that I am nearly broke, so an expensive fix is not an option for me. Thanks in advance.
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If you haven't lost the serial number you can bring it to a dealer with proff of ownership and they should be able to make you a key. Some locksmiths can do the same. Or if you are a member of AAA they can help.
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Sometimes the dealer can find it by VIN #. You can try that. You don't have a spare key???? I must have 5 sets for each car .

The resistance value of the key must be determined along with the cutting pattern on a key coded like that. Any locksmith can handle it. Probably a 150 dollar service call though.
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I hate losing keys and finding out that I lost the spare as well ! When I got the car, the previous owner gave me two keys. I put one away for emergencies like this, but then I moved and I guess I just misplaced it. I do things like that sometimes. Very stupid and costs me a lot of money, but my luck is just like that. Things like this happen to me all the time. If I didn't know better, I'd swear that there was some kind of curse on me.

So any locksmith can fix it, huh? In that case I'll just call a locksmith and have one come and help me out. I'm going to wait 'till the weekend ends before I call to avoid any extra charges. Luckily I still have my trusty little Storm to get me around until then, but I'm going to miss my Bonneville.

And I'll be sure to get a bunch of copies to avoid having this happen again

Thanks a billion!

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