generator light comes on


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generator light comes on

I've got a 1996 Dodge 2500 truck with a 360 engine. Whenever it is driven for about 1 minute, the generator light comes on. I replaced the alternator and cleaned the battery terminals. The light still comes on after being driven for about a minute. The light goes off after the engine is shut off and re-started. I'm all out of ideas. Do you know what could cause the light to come on?
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Check for an error code. It may be the cause for the light being activated. May take a minute for the computer to check it?
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What brand of alternator? Quality varies widely, use a Mopar branded rebuild from the dealer.
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first thing i would do is measure battery voltage at the battery before and after the light comes on, should be 13.5-14.5volts all the time

the charging system is regulated by the computer, though i haven't seen something like this yet

yes, the quality does vary VERY widely with all remanufactured parts
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Seven years old, and needed a new alternator, yet you did not replace the belt ( I assume). Serpentine belts, as great as they are, do streach (sp?) and will cause charging problems. If you don't know how to check the belt tension, they just replace the belt, ($30) and a serpentine tool . No sense in heading off in the wrong direction if you have a slipping belt. It really should have been considered first. People will replace a 'suspected' worn out alternator before replacing a weak belt. It happens every day of the week. A weak serpentine will look great to the eyeball, but there are indicators on the tensioner pulley that reveal if the belt is bad or not. My rule of thumb is if you can pull it 1/4" worth of deflection, it is suspect.
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A good point by Lugnut. Belts and hoses should be changed every 4 years on the dot for best service.

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