accord brakes


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accord brakes

just replaced pads on 91 accord EX, 275,000 km. 5speed
Drivers side pads were worn out, other side had about 1/4" of pad left.
cleaned brakes lubed up sliders put new pads on.
Test drove for about 2 miles, when I got back brakes were smoking hot.(both sides)
Whats wrong?
The day before when I bought the pads, the guy at the automotive store said he had 2 listings for pads for this car, I wasn't sure so he gave me the most common ones.
They seemed to match the old ones I took off.
Please help
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Clogged caliper hoses or wasted calipers most likely.

Throw out both hoses and replace with new ones. Rebleed. If the problem doesn't go away, pitch the calipers.

The rubber hoses rot from the inside out and act as a check valve.
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seeing as you already lubed all the slides, that's good

jack up tires, have someone press brake pedal and release, you should be able to turn the tire as soon as the pedal is released, if not instant(or at all) crack that calipers bleeder screw, if you can turn the tire now, it's time for hoses(with that many kilometers it's cheap insurance anyway)

i've seen more than once(on other makes) that ANY rips in the caliper piston boot will let crud build up on the piston and when it gets pushed back in on the brake job, it will stick pretty good, just like you describe

it can also be a rough cut on the rotors, was that done, were they mirror smooth if it was.

it could also be normal, new pads seating in, did it clear up by now, after a few more mile of driving

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