98 Toyota Avalon-check engine light


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98 Toyota Avalon-check engine light

Can anyone give me some code help please? I have a 1998 Toyotal Avalon XLS 3.0 liter V-6 with 105,000 miles on it.

The check engine light is on. The code provided by the dealership when I had the valve cover gasget replaced is PO 135 B1s1. I think it is the O2 sensor but before I replace it (at a cost of about $124.00) I want to know if I am replacing the correct thing.

Thanks for any help!!
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i haven't worked on a toyota, the codes are standardized industry wide though. 'p0135' means b1s1 oxygen sensor heater failure, it could be a sensor or it could be a wire feeding it or it could be the computer, only a properly done test will determine what it is. b1s1 can only mean one place 'bank1' and upstream(before catalytic converter), bank1 is always the same bank of cylinders(3) that have cylinder #1, so, find spark plug #1, follow that side exhaust manifold to the sensor(before cat) , after the cat it b1s2.

hope that helps
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also, the check engine light should stay on until the computer retests the system, could take up to three 'trips' each manufacturer determines what a 'trip' consists of and how many times it must pass the test to turn the light off, sometimes unplugging the battery might work, again, depends on the manufacturer
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Good info by mike:

It's the sensor in the manifold next to the firewall, usually just failure of the sensor.

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yeah, i know, i've replaced a bunch of sensors for this, only once did i have a heater failure code for all four sensors, it was 'only' a fuse that was blown(by a rubbed through harness)

i just didn't want him coming back saying he replaced it and now the dealer said he needs a computer or something like that
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Thanks guys. I'll get to work on it and let you know what I come up with.
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All posters are correct. At the mileage you have, the 02 sensor replacement would make sense.

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