high oil pressure


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high oil pressure

I am wondering what can cause high oil pressure. Vehicle
is a '94 Chevy 1 ton 454.
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darrell McCoy
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Have it checked with a manual guage. If it jives close with in dash guage, then It could be an oil sender unit or possibly a sluggish by pass valve. Has oil and filter been changed regularly? Do you use same type filter? Last question beings as I once had a ford years ago that between an AC filter and a fomoco filter, there was a different pressure reading.
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high oil pressure

94' Chevy 1 ton:
The oil is changed regularly. Fram oil filters have been used
as long as I have had the truck. Pressure used to read 40/50
now is 70/80 ( 80 is top of gauge ). Drops 20/30 at idle.
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I agree with Darrell.
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Could be that the pressure relief valve at the oil pump outlet is stuck
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Has the oil pressure gradually risen or just all of a sudden? Are you using a heavier weight oil (20w50 maybe?) or any oil treatments like STP? Both can cause higher oil pressure to an extent.

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