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Nope, I found traces by the thermostat and water pump and sump on the block, but nothing dropping for the amount of water that was on the floor. Im stumped. Unless those quick car places I just took it to for an inspection did something i need to know about.
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Correct any and all leaks first and we'll go from there.
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water pumps can leak good when cold and then magically fix themselves as they warm up, try a pressure tester after letting it sit overnight
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also keep your eye on your oil, more specifically inside your valve covers, if you have the kind where you can stick your pinky inside the oil fill hole and wipe the underside of the valve cover, look for a milky mixture, this is the first place the milkshake builds up when small amounts of coolant are heated up in the oil, like other people have said, these plastic intake gaskets are notorious for cracking and will wipe out all your bearings in a heartbeat (pun intended) also look at the top of the dipstick before you wipe it, same junk accumulates here.

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