yo mike in nj new question on speed sensor?


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yo mike in nj new question on speed sensor?

ok i got the oxygen senor changed lol now do you know where i can get a speed sensor beside from the dealer they want like 200 dolla does the delco thing work on that also drop the first two digits -- this is the deal -- 1993 rodeo 3.2 v6 i change the tires from regular to 10.50 big tires but they are the recomended for the rodeo ---- about two weeks after that i lost mah speed o
any idea?
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Get the part # from any dealership and try parts.com

Failing that, e-mail the dealers on parts.com and see who gives you the best price for it.

I don't think most aftermarkets will list this part. Kinda specialized.
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you drop the first and last digit to convert to GM. if your's is a two wheel drive and automatic, it is most likely the little gear that drives the sensor, take the 10 or 12mm bolt out, twist the sensor as you take it out and there should be a broken gear inside there, i've seen 5speeds and 4x4 strip the gear, but not as many as 2wd and auto. while the sensor is out, you can chuck it up in a drill and see if the speedo works. if you go shopping for the gear, tell them which size tires you have now and the axle ratio, it's all spelled out on the underhood option plate in 'codes' -- best to copy the whole plate letter by letter, it's on the firewall.
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Talking Mike thats it

yo i pulled the gear sure enouhg it was striped the dealer wants 24 buck for a gear verses 185 for a speed sensor you save me a bunch agin i can't thank you enough come on down to cajun country and eat lol
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eating is my second favorite hobby, send me some good(spicy) recipes

that's all i try to do, help people, glad it worked for you

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