no idle


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no idle

OOOOOOOkkkkkkkkkkkk. as usual, I fix one problem and the old belair has a new one. as most of you probably know......... 64 chevy belair, 283 v8 auto trans. 2 barrel rochester. My car is being a butthead guys. It starts up wonderfully, but if I dont give it gas constantly, it dies. It will not idle. I have to have my foot at least a little on the gas pedal or it will die on me. Any known causes for this? distributor, spark plugs, points are all brand new. carb is freshly rebuilt, I know I have spark, fuel, and air. I have played with idle speed screw, doesnt help at all. Idle mixture is correct by the chilton's manual. I need some serious advice here.


tommorrow when I get off work I will take a few pictures of my beloved rustbucket and put them on here for you. It's not very pretty as of now, but I love it dearly.
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It's probably still in the carburetor . If you turn the screws and basically get nothing that's not too good. LOL.

One thing you might find helpful to buy in tuning this: An old time engine analyzer. Sears sold them back in the 70's and 80's. I see them on Ebay for about 20 bucks. They will help in adjusting points, dwell, RPM, etc.
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Sounds like a carb problem. If you set the idle jets to rich, does that seem to fix it? That answer is an important clue to solving your problem.

You say the idle mix is correct according the the book. But as I recall, those are only guidelines for setting idle. They are not carved in stone. So just how stringent are you interpreting the book with regards to idle settings? Are the jet screws precisely 1 and 1/2 turns out, etc, or what?
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ok, by saying that the idle screws were adjusted right by the manual, of course I meant I had done as intructed, but we all know that the isnt a precise place to put them, just a general area. making the mixture richer doesnt seem to "solve" the problem. I have a friend who suggested one of my vacuum hoses might be bad, so I am getting ready to go fiddle with/check those out. I dont believe it's a crab problem because this carb only has 3000 miles on it. However, I have had it in pieces, because as joe probably remembers, I changed the gaskets and put the float in upside down up until a day or two ago this was never a problem. It hasnt even been on the road in over a year. Im getting quite annoyed with this vehicle. Every time i fix something, another thing breaks. any input is appreciated guys.
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Get used to this with old cars. It is going to be an everyday occurence; especially if the car sat as you said it did, or it was poorly maintained.

You will find as you are using it that more and more things that were marginal before it was stored will now go bad.

Once you iron out all the kinks and throw away all the expendables to bring it into shape, it will likely be a very good running automobile.

Be patient, you'll get there.
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YAY I got it working like a champ Vacuum advance hose was split open. easy fix, idle speed and mixture are good, car is doing great. I agree Joe, I expected it to need work, but never imagined a new problem everyday. I get frustrated with it, but still love to get out there and turn wrenches. I did notice today's problem the second i fixed the last one though. When I turn the wheel full left, or full right, it squeeks. Sounds like it is coming from the front axle. Do I need to grease it up? or do i got something broken down there now? it doesnt squeek when I actually turn the wheel, it squeeks when the wheel is turned full to one side and I let the car move(thought that migh be significant) I think it just needs to be greased. Let me know what you guys think.
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A grease job never hurts, sure.

You probably have some dried out bushings though. Put it in your plan of restoration
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THAT SO sounds like a choke problem. sounds like you need to lean it out and get more air. Stop messing with the idle, set it back to specs, and adjust your choke. You can only do it while it's hot, so run it for a while, and slowly adjust it, not more than a 1/4 turn each time, you should get it to idle if you play with the choke a little.

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