88'Crown Vic AC gremlins!


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Question 88'Crown Vic AC gremlins!

Me again...

I recently inherited an 88' crown vic lx from my late father-in-law(who was quite cantakerous)....the car was originally from Mich and the AC wasn't used too often..

The AC has been working great until our last trip to Fl(which is a 12 rnd-trip)...when we exceeded 50mph the AC would start blowing hot air..upon deceleration cold air....also everytime we turn right it blows hot air(which we either have to turn it off and back on or make a left-hand turn).....I have taken the car to 3 different shops(1 shop replaced the entire system w/exception to the auto climate dash controls) and it still isn't fixed...

Anyone have any ideas/info? other than it's gremlins(a suggestion of 1 of the mechanic's)My hubby say's it's his Dad's spirit teasing us!!!

Ok,looking fwd to hearing your ideas/suggestions


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Back to the first shop that "replaced everything" for a free repair. You paid them to fix your A/C and it's not fixed. Get them to make it right .
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I,ve no special knowledge of your Crown Vic, however that never stopped me before. Please clairify the repairs that were made. For example, was it converted to r134? Was the compressor replaced? Was everything replaced, i.e. compressor, orifice, condensor, refrigerent, etc?

On another note, let's assume that everything is new, as you say. If this car has a vacuum actuated heater control valve, it could be defective, allowing the heater to operate during periods of low vacuum. The result is that you feel warm air instead of cold. When strong vacuum is restored at idle or low speeds, the heater valve closes again, thus returning to the cold air state.

With regards to turning right,, hmmm, I hestitate to guess at that one just now. Admittedly, it sounds weird.
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Question 88'crown vic lx Ac gremlins

Ok, on the matter of repairs> it was Firestone that I dealt with and my car was in their shop 3 different times to "fix"the problem with the hot air...1st-the replaced the canister and all vaccumm hoses to the ac and sent it home "fixed"NOT!!!!2nd time-they replaced several "sensors">and various other parts(supposedly the rest of the system)>>>fixed.....NOT!!! 3rd time they basically re-checked everything and couldn't figure it out and gave me a refund(didn't even have to ask)

On the system>original compressor and using R12...

Next the AC quit blowing cold air completely..check the freon level,it was full so I took it to a local shop that specializes in car AC's....the got it blowing cold air but now I only have a high fan setting and the right-turn(blowing hot)problem....

Oh I forgot to mention that sometimes when I have to shut it off(stop the hot air) it doesn't get very cold..but all I have to do is make a left turn and it cools right down...

so here is a list of the problems:

1-only have a high fan setting
2-changes from cold to hot air when I make a right turn

repair list:

entire system replaced with original(R-12) parts w/exception to the compressor and dash control(auto-climate control)

Ok,hopefully someone here will be able to figure this out...I am thinking of replacing the old(R-12)system being it is so expensive and hard to find anyone who has the R-12 to charge the system...would like your opinions on this option....was quoted $725 to change..

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Leave it R12, it will cool and perform the best with this in there.

The blower speed problem is likely a wasted blower resistor. Get it to a shop with a clue. These guys you're having do it are guessers.

All of my cars are still R12, excepting my 84 Olds (that's Autofrost) and all work. I'm doing my Cavalier in a few weeks---R12 again.

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