88 Izuzu I Mark Vacumn Problem


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88 Izuzu I Mark Vacumn Problem

Hey Mike from NJ did you get a chance to dust off the manual for further info on my Charcoal Cannister problem on this Izuzu? The local GM dealer said I can still order it for $65. Any parts sources on the internet for Izuzu parts you can recommend? Thanks Mike
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Parts.com as I noted earlier. Any auto parts store for routine parts as noted earlier.

You can usually find those OEM manuals on Ebay or on the Internet for about half of that price.

Please use your reply button instead of starting a new post each time---it keeps all the information together and so everyone can follow along.
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sorry, i don't know how i missed this post, must have been the holiday weekend, i found this when i was looking for a different post.

i looked through the service manual on my lunch break last week, the system looks pretty simple(to me!) the service manual shows everything in the entire evaporative system, but i couldn't see spending $65 on it when similiar information at the library is free, just the price of photocopying it, that's all i ever do and i do it often!

i will confess, on MY car(not even close to yours)i had a somewhat similiar problem and i just put a cap on the bottom of the canister to keep the liquid fuel in it, make sure it is secure with a clamp if you decide to do it, and i didn't tell you to do it! maybe try a parts store or even a plumbing supply store, make sure it's compatible with fuel though. that was two years ago and so far no problems, no fuel smells anywhere!

unfortunately this problem you have is something that has to be diagnosed on the car, not online like this here, i would have to be unplugging hoses and checking how fuel is even getting to the canister as it's not supposed to be there, it's designed for vapors only.
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