wiper switch on a 86 chevy truck


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wiper switch on a 86 chevy truck

Have ben trying to find a clear diagrame of how to reinstall a new switch and wireing.My switch is in the colom and allso runs the turnsignals.how do i do it?I allready have a manual but it doesnt show it either.
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Which manual? The GM service manual is the best and everyone else copies it . Most diagrams out there will show exploded views of the column.

The switch doesn't run the turn signals. There's a separate wiper and turn signal switch.
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You're going to have to remove the horn pad, steering wheel, and lock plate first. This requires a puller, a lock plate compressor, and usually a 13/16 socket, extention and rachet..
Once you have that off, you'll need to remove the screw that attaches the metal arm that connects the turn signal lever to the turn signal switch. Remove the 4 way hazard button on the side of the column (small philips screw in the center of the button.)
remove the 3 screws that hold the turn signal switch in place.
carefully pull the switch up out of the column. It won't come out far, but usually far enough to clear the center shaft of the steering column. remove the ignition lock and tumbler assembly. (held on place by a torque screw)
Remove the turn signal lever (the part that's outside the column, that you actually use when making a turn.) It comes out by pushing in on the lever/arm, then turning it (clockwise, I beleive)
If you have cruise control, down under the dash, next to the steering column, you'll see a single connector that needs to be undone. Carefully pull this and the lever out of the column.
Under the main turn signal switch is 3 torque screws (T30 I think?) take those out, and carefully pull the coller torwads you (coller is the part that holds everything, ignition tumbler, turn signal switch, ect..)
You should then be able to pull the wiper switch out of the column..(After unplugging it from under the dash..)
The key to doing this, is carefully looking at how those peices on the left side of the column are placed in there BEFORE taking them apart. Lay the pieces out in order of how you took them off.

Let us know how it goes!

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