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Question exhaust system

Today's Problem:

My father informed me last night that on my car, the muffler is not attached to the manifold. this is a 64 belair 283 v8. It has one muffler on each side. I'm finding out whoever owned it before was a DIY'er that didn't believe in doin it right and for some ungodly reason he disconnected it. The driver's side muffler is hooked up and works great, but the passenger side has been cut just before the rear wheel, and is not attached to the manifold. What would a new muffler for this car generally cost, how hard is it to do, and do I have cat converters on this car? If not, should I add them? I'm not very competent with an exhaust system, so I need some help.

Thanks to all for helping me with all the problems this car has given me
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1964 has no catalytic converters. 1975 was the first mandatory year for them.

A couple of options:

1) Get a dual exhaust setup prebent and you install it. Any muffler shop can do it. Walker and other companies might make premade kits for the more popular applications. I believe you said your car is a 4 door though, not that popular for "dualing".

2) Have a shop do the exhaust in duals. Will sound cool, increase performance and give you better fuel mileage. Looks cool too.

3) Any parts store will stock or can order the OEM style original single setup. Throw everything out from either the manifold back (if the engine pipes are still available), or cut from part of the engine pipe back, throwing everything else out and installing all new parts. Everything is likely rotted on something this old. Piecemealing a repair costs you more in the long run and frustrates the hell out of you.

4) Get all new hangers for it. Again, the parts store will have it, or any muffler shop can sell them to you for a few bucks. The better shops LOVE old cars like this and will do a good job on it.

A dual exhaust setup probably runs 250 installed for this old Bowtie, and probably 125 bucks in parts, depending on part quality for a single system. Any parts store should stock or be able to order whatever you want.

A help is to have a Sawzall (to cut the old pipes out), and an air compressor (to rip away stubborn bolts. Don't try to save anything, it's all shot! .

Good luck.
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ok Joe. I'm gonna do some calling around and price some parts, but before all that this is my plan. Im gonna go ahead and replace everything from the manifold down. I was inspecting the manifold and found out the passenger side muffler is not attached because someone broke off a bolt down there. Manifold looks like crap and is most likely shot anyways. Replace that and the mufflers, probably will get some new, better looking ones that will make good noise and put it on myself cause I like to get my hands dirty. I dont need the converters then, right? Im off to go call the muffler people around town and get started. THANKS JOE
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No need to put a converter(s) on this car. It was not originally equipped with them and is not required. Would you be wrong by doing so? No, but you'd be spending extra unneeded money by doing so.

Call up or visit any parts store that stocks Walker exhaust products. I'm sure they can price out the original single system this car had. That should be pretty easy for them to do. Ask if in the back of the catalog where they have the dual exhaust kits for popular muscle cars if your car is shown. Perhaps the two door model, not this 4 door one .

You MAY be able to use the two door parts and modify them. The easiest way is to have any exhaust shop bend it up for you, but as I said, you're looking at $200+. If you get a shop that has done your car before, they will have it programmed into their bending equipment and may be able to make you up a system you can install. Most do that stuff on the fly though .

Good luck with keeping our country's history alive .

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Look in the paper or want ads for advertisments on exhaust systems. I saw one place that I'm taking my mustang to later to follow up on their ad, it was Flowmasters Installed Up to $99. That includes any piping that would be needed to install it. Just keep your eye out and you will find a good deal on exhaust systems installed, or just call around to local shops. I prefer going to mom and pop shops than to corporations. They want the repeat business and take pride in their job rather than people who advertise like crazy to bring in the average joe that they don't care if they get once twice or any cuz they always have more people coming in. The best places to go for it done right the first time are small shops. Keep your eye open and you will find a good deal for your exhaust.

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