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Well no one can say that you guys don't anwser questions in a timely manor.I think it took you guys no more than 10 min. Well thank you very much.Um I have been looking around for chevy trucks and they are quite highter in price than I can aforde.Which Iam sure goes with you were saying about chevys because as I beleve joe_f said you get what you pay for.Iam just makeing sure are the only american made truck compaines are Ford,Chevy,Dodg,Gmc. Am I missing any? I saw an add for a I think 77 ford for like $500 but it needs a new rear end. How hard is it to put one in? Not that Iam saying that Iam going to buy that truck I am just woundering.Thank you very much guys. Matt ps why do you have replys disabled now I have to start a new question? What up with that
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when you say a new rear end........... do you mean the entire rear of the truck need to be replaced? just some body work and a tailgate? the rear axles? or all of it? The whole thing could be more costly and time consuming than the truck is worth........ Why not work through the summer and save up to get a better truck? I was originally looking for a truck in that price range when I turned 17. I have been working for a year and putting almost all of it away. I almost got enough to go buy me a real nice one for arond 4500.
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ok, found it...........

go to

and type in the VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) of the vehicle you're thinking about buying. this should give you a good history of the car, or in your case truck. Ask the owner for the VIN and tell them why you need it, if they wont give it to you, you can either "look at the truck" and find it yourself, or you can tell the guy you dont want it. People that dont want you to get it inspected and dont want you to know the history of the car probably have some major problems. Some good questions to ask are why they're selling it, what kind of problems it's had in the past, if anything has been rebuilt etc etc. Remember, if they're selling it for like 500 bucks, and they claim they just rebuilt the transmission, they're feeding u BS. Good Luck bud.
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Carfax only covers 1981 and newer. Anything older is not likely to be on record with them....but that's good advice.

Original poster: You will get what you paid for. Which is fine if you want to spend alot of time rebuilding the truck. Get one in decent shape that needs minor repairs. Put away double what you plan to spend on the truck. You will use it for repairs, insurance, registration, etc.

Whatever you think you'll spend, double it. Because parts and labor to do things will only go up in price. Most folks save the EXACT amount they want to spend on a vehicle and then become broke the first time it needs anything .

Don't fall into such a trap .

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