1996 Pontiac TransAm Ram Air


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1996 Pontiac TransAm Ram Air

My car is an automatic, with factory alarm and after-market auto start. Many times recently, I have gotten in my car and the security light is on. It is like my starter is turned off for security reasons or something. I will have to sit there and wait sometimes 15 minutes before the light will go off and my car will start. Is this something in my alarm system that is making my car think it has been tampered with and my starter is switched off or something. I know nothing about cars and this is incredibly frustrating. I have had my auto start for about 2 years. Could something in it be messing up my car? I have about 60,000 miles and love my car but it seems to be one thing after another recently going wrong. To the person who advised me to disconnect my auto start: I have had my auto start for about 1 and a half years, and just recently have started having the problem with my security system. Could the auto start still be the problem. I had a new front windshield installed and they had to untape the auro start antenna from the windshield and reinstall on the new windshield, could this have created a problem? I have occasionally had this problem in the past, but in the last 2 weeks it has happened a lot. HELP!!!!!!! Is there anyway to have an autostart that won't mess up my car. I love it in the winter because I don't have a garage.

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My opinion:

Trash the aftermarket auto start. They are worthless in my belief and cause more problems than they are worth. It may have been incorrectly tied into the factory antitheft system and is now causing a problem.

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