windshield removal


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Question windshield removal

i have a 1993 gmc safari that i am replacing the wind shield. i am looking for any helpful tips to seperate glass from frame. any help will be appriciated
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I realize this is DIY, but if the windshield is broke, why not get it repaired professionally. Your insurance co will probably cover all but $50. Glass is covered differently than other damage. It's a safety issue and the Ins co would rather have you get it repaired as soon as possible.
I just had mine replaced three days ago (98 ext-cab Z71),
and they came to my home to do it. You can't beat that.

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you should really have the proper W/S removal tools for this job.
There are several different types. You might be able to rent them. My opinion is to have a glass shop do this for you. Not really a DIY job. The replacement needs to be done to specs.
Safety issues involved here.
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Beat ya by a minute Darrell!
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Take something like a hood release cable from the wrecking yard or a brake cable from a bike and strip all the rubber/plastic off of it, then heat it up with a lighter or something and stick it through the seal of the windshield, the ribbed and rigidness of the cable will cut allow you to cut through it like a saw, make sure to have someone help you on the inside of the car to hold the other end. Be careful, because you'll break the glass if you saw too close to it or don't have someone to hold it and it drops. I have pulled numerous windshields and backglass like this. It works great, but you might want to have someone professionally install it, it eases your budget if you do the first part yourself and just let the put it in, saves you 1/2. Good deal, and good luck.
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Agree with all posters. Not DIY repair.

An improperly installed windshield will cost you your life in an accident. Have a professional install them. Most places will do an Astro like that for 250 bucks or less.
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GM considers glass a structural item and must be treated as such.Cheap glass or improper installation could be bad.
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And as mentioned earlier, in some areas insurance picks up the tab - 100% and no deductible in Fla; had my wife's Camry windshield replaced for a crack couple of years ago. Had it done in our driveway and didn't cost a dime.

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