1996 Trans Am Reply to Joe Cool


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1996 Trans Am Reply to Joe Cool

To Joe Cool, I have had my autostart about a year and a half. I have had the security problem a couple of times until recently. In the last 2 weeks it has happened several times. Could the auto start be the problem since it didn't create any problems when first installed? I had a new front windshield installed recently, and they had to untape the autostart antenna from the old windshield and reinstall it on the new windshield. Could this have affected the factory antitheft system? Thanks for your speedy reply. Would I have to take my car into the dealership to have the factory antitheft system checked or reset. Is it possible to turn off the antitheft system? Thanks!!!!
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Yes, I believe the autostart could be causing the problem, especially now that you mention it was disturbed recently. Back to the person that installed it and have them take a look first.

Depending on how they hooked it up, problems could come down the road. I have "uninstalled" many a hokey aftermarket alarm/autostart that caused problems.

I remember one night at graduate school bypassing an alarm for a classmate so she could get home! The dealer did such a horrendous job of installing the alarm that the wiring fell apart in my hands!

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