1994 Chrysler New Yorker air conditioning


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1994 Chrysler New Yorker air conditioning

a few years back I had the car recharged, to lose the freon. the compressor was replaced, then the following year the freon was lost again. My mechanic put a dye in the car and found no leaks. He seems to feel it could be under the dash. any ideas what the problem could be and the $$ amount involved? I've already put abut $500.00 in previous repairs/charges. Could the part be replaced by a diy'er?
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If the evaporator is the part leaking, (this is what's inside the dash) it's a pretty large job. If I remember correctly, Mitchell's labor guide allows around 6 hours to do it. Heater hoses, A/C hoses, vaccum lines will need to be undone, the steering column will need to be dropped, and pretty much the entire dash remove to get the "box" that holds the heater core and evap out of the car...Besides dealing with the A/C (recover, and service) there aren't any special tools needed, just a lot of time and a lot of patience..
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Evaporator failure is very common on these cars. They're not too bad to replace, but it IS a time consuming job filled with opportunities to screw up other unrelated systems.

Alldata allows 6.8 hours to R&R the evaporator.

You CAN do it yourself, but it's not a job for a novice.

Get a GOOD service manual (OEM is best, but Alldata DIY will do for this job) and review it thoroughly before you decide to tackle the job.
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Tell your mechanic to try an electronic leak detector as those tend to be pretty sensitive....

Also, you will need the proper tools to charge up the A/C system again.
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Oh boy!! sounds like this job can be expensive. Beside the recharge, approx what $$ are we looking at for this part? I tend to think the heck with it and open the windows until it reaches 90 or so.
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Best guestimate without parts prices in front of me?

About 500 to 600 bucks.
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94 new yorkers are the first year for the LH body(intrepid-looking) they had so many evaporator problems they extended the warranty to 7year/70,000 mile on some applications for the evaporator alone!! you should have taken it to a dealer before the warranty ran out in 2001.

the warranty pay time was between 2-3 hours and it could be done 'properly'

tell your mechanic to look in the a/c box drain for dye, there's no guessing when it's leaking there

the biggest cause i've seen for an evap to leak is from leaves resting on it, which mixes with the condensation to form an acid and quickly eat a hole in it, i don't think i've ever done one that didn't have either leaves or pine needles on it
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The LHS starts in 1994, but the LH body line starts in 1993 (It replaced the Premier and Monaco). FYI.
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like i said: 94 new yorkers are the first year for the LH body (intrepid-looking)

93 new yorkers could be either a 'y' or 'c' body

yes--intrepids, visions, and concordes 'LH' came out in 93
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While I'd agree.....

Believe it or not, the Chrysler parts catalog for 93 to 96 LH body vehicles shows moldings for 1993 New Yorker. .

They should exterior windshield moldings among other parts

However, I just meant to clear up that 1993 starts the LH body series.

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