oil leak


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oil leak

I own a 1980 Olds and it leaks oil.........I don't know much about cars.....can I fix leak myself.........
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First you'll have to find the leaks. It could be as simple as valve cover gaskets or as complex as main seals.
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Agreed. 1980 Olds what? What engine?
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1980 Olds oil leaks

I've driven a lot of G.M. vehicles over the past 45 years of driving, and can't remember one that didn't leak oil. I must confess that they were all used machines when I bought them, but lotsa kitty litter has ended up on my garage floor to soak up leaking oil. First one has to get an idea where the oil is leaking from. I have used old newspaper ( several layers thick) placed under the engine compartment, overnight, to get a rough idea where the oil is dripping from, and how much there is. If you lift the hood, without disturbing the newspaper, and look at the paper from above, you may be able to locate the source of your leak. If the amount appears to be very small, perhaps, you may be better off just living with it. If the amount requires further investigation, you could let the vehicle sit idle for several hours, spray the engine with a solution of warm soapy water, so that you will be able to remove the oil build-up ( crud ) around the engine surfaces. It's useful to be very thorough about this and remove as much of the leaking oil as possible. Once you have determined the source of your leak, you can decide whether this is a job for a pro, a do-it-urselfer, or perhaps only worth making sure that you have a quart of fresh oil in your driver's emergency kit, at all times. I'm sure that the good folks at this community forum will be only too happy to help you further, when you have been able to figure out the precise reason for your leaking oil problem. Enjoy your drive.
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