Expedition Shut off


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Expedition Shut off

My sister's 97 expedition shut off on her while driving. Loss of power steering no brakes and check engine light came on.

Seemed to me that it was an electrical system problem.

I checked the voltage on her battery terminals but got what I think where weird readings.

Normally I would think car should read 12V off and 14.XX while on.

Hers read 13.2V while off and 13.8V while on. Make sense to anyone??
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Some of the surface charge may have to burn off. Did you recheck it?

If the battery is old/original, pitch it, but I believe the problem could be elsewhere---bad alternator for instance.
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I have a 98 Expedition. I had the same problem, but mine was caused by the anti-theft system. They key has a computer chip in it that allows for the car to start and drive but will shutdown after about five miles. You loose functions such as the ones you describe.

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