How to remove broken bolt


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How to remove broken bolt

I've got a bolt that broke off and the threaded portion is still in the part. How do I remove the remaining portion of the bolt?
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Go to any hardware store and get an EZ out. That should work for you.
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darrell McCoy
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If space allows you might try soaking with penetrating oil and work it out with a good center punch or small chisel. If not, hit sears, they have a variety of tools to remove bolts, screws, etc.
I like the drill out extractors, a small bolt possibly can be removed with a drill out/screw out tool. when you remove it you may need to chase the threads before re-using part. Gotta have patience.
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Amen to the patience!! They can get expensive, but left-handed drill bits will do the job quite frequently...Carefully center-punch the broken bolt before drilling. Make sure it's dead center of the broken bolt..Start with a small drill bit and work up...I don't suppose there's enough of the broken bolt sticking out to grab onto with something is there? If so, many parts stores sell extractors that look like sockets, but are used strictly for removing broken bolts...
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All true.

I have found that heat, when used judiciously, works wonders as well .
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Thanks for the advice. No, there is not any portion of the bolt extending out that I can grab onto, in fact the portion remaining is recessed about 1/2 inch and severly rusted. I'm planning on working on it tonight.

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