Disk brake lock-up after it rains


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Disk brake lock-up after it rains

Hello Experts,
The next time I drive my car after it rains the front disk brakes seem to lock up when stepping on the brake pedal. Usually this is not a problem, as I just have to pump the brakes and all is then fine. But it is a very strange phenomena. This also happens on my wifes mini-van.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Usually, there is a light coating of rust on the rotors after a rainfall which will burn off after a few applications of the brake.

What type of vehicles?
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This is a pretty common problem.

Moisture accumulate in the friction material, causing the brakes to 'grab' when initially applied. One or two applications of the brakes is enough to evaporate the moisture & the problem goes away.

You may want to change brands of brake pads as some brands (typically el-cheapo brands) are more prone to this problem than others. Personally, I've had good results with Raybestos Professional Grade (PG) pads. Raybestos also supplies brakes for Car Quest and NAPA stores.

OEM brakes are also very good, but make sure you don't get "value line" brakes from your dealer. These are priced competitively with aftermarket pads, but they're nowhere near as good as what was originally installed on your car.
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Car brands and models

Mine is a 1987 Chevy Celebrity, and the wife's is a 1990 Plymouth Voyager.
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Agree with Knuckles.

That's because the "value line" brakes ARE aftermarket. Typically, Bendix supplies Ford's "V" line in Motorcraft, Raybestos for Delco DuraStop as two examples.

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