1998 Explorer Question


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1998 Explorer Question

I'll try this once more...

Vehicle: 1998 Ford Explorer, 6cyl SOHC, AT, 78000 miles

I am experiencing the following symptoms:

1) Engine runs on the hot side
2) Noticiable loss of power when a/c is running
3) A/C when on max cools intermittently
4) Transmission seems to shift much sooner than normal
5) Significant MPG loss - normally 18/gal and now 14/gal

When engine is cold, vehicle operates fine both with A/C on and off. Once engine warms up I notice the above symptoms especially when A/C is running.

My initial thought was a a loose belt and then I thought of a faulty thermostat but I am not sure a thermostat would cause all of these issues. NOTE: No belt screeching is heard.

I want to take it into the shop but I like to be as specific as possible. Can anybody help diagnosing the problem?


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Thermostats can affect emissions due to coolant temperature, sure.

Replace it, flush the cooling system and see where that nets you. Use a Motorcraft/Ford thermostat.
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Perhaps the fan clutch is going bad.
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I thought I would report back as to the fix, since I took my car in to the shop today. They replaced the thermostat and did a coolant flush and all is well.

Thanks Joe and Davo for your responses.


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