Am I being ripped off? AC question


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Am I being ripped off? AC question

My 1998 Ford Escort stopped blowing cold air. The fan blows normal, and the car blows hot air.

I took it to Good Year, and they replaced the cycling switch . . . but nothing. Then they claimed they fixed it because "there was a loose wire."

Mind you, I had to pay $68.00 for a "Complete AC unit diagnostics test" blah, blah, blah.

Well, no later than 24 hours, the car stopped blowing cold air again.

I took it back to Good Year, and now they are claiming that they need to perform a diagnosis of the electrical system. They say that will take two hours ($79.00 per hour). I asked them about the wire they connected that orginally fixed it for a day, and there response was "We're not sure what happened. We just jiggled some wires."

I asked them if they had checked the wire they supposedly reconnected to see if it was loose. I got the standard, "I'll have the manager call you" response.

Does something seem wrong here?

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Ya, you are bringing it to the wrong place for A/C repair.

Use a competent independent shop that specializes in A/C work and comes highly recommended. A/C work takes specialized knowledge, know-how and tools to service right. This includes the proper diagnostic tools to do it.

I'd call up Goodyear corporate and ask for your money back. Their "repair" didn't solve your problem.
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