'93 olds 98 trunk pull down - won't close


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Unhappy '93 olds 98 trunk pull down - won't close

98 Regency Touring (4 Door) Supercharged V6 (3.8L) - car is equipped with "trunk pull down" option. it stopped working the other day. i can't seem to find any repair/troubleshooting info on this. i have searched chilton's, & alldata online. i checked fuse 4 on the relay center, but fuse is good. one thing to note, my horn hasn't worked for some time now, i know that both work off this fuse 4, but if fuse was bad, wouldn't both have stopped working at same time? any info on how to fix both horn & pull down would be appreciated. Thanks
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Does the motor run or attempt to run? Sometimes those gears strip out in those... $$$ for a new unit if the gears aren't available separately. I'd go with a junkyard unit if the gears are part of the whole assembly.

As for the horn, if you bring power to the horns from the battery, do they sound?
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no, i hear nothing when i close trunk. that's why my first thought was that the motor was bad. but i wanted to check easiest possibilities first - like a simple fuse. did find motor replacement part cost @ $94 on Alldata - i'm guessing that's for whole motor. still, can't find anything on how to remove, reinstall it (or check the "gears". i hate to buy yet another manual!!
i don't know what you mean by "bring power to the horns from the battery, do they sound" - can you elaborate please?
(i am a far cry from being knowledgeable in auto repair - sorry).
thanks again.
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test horn

To test the horn remove the wire that hooks up to it now and run a wire from the positive side if the battery and put it on the post of the horn were you removed the original wire.(warning dont let it scare you when it blows)
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Michael has it right. The only manual you need is the OEM GM one. Everything is else is a fascimile of the much better original.

A used junkyard motor will cost you 20 bucks at a salvage yard. Worth it and probably the problem.
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