Air Conditioner went out???


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Air Conditioner went out???

I have a 2002 Ford Focus and the Air Conditioner went out. It's practicly Brand New?? The Dealership said it was the Manifold Hose and that it would cost 570? I need help, what does the Manifold have to do with my air conditioner, and why would it cost so much. They said it either has a small hole or the "clamp" came loose? Please Help?
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Dealer's problem. 1 year old car, their liability, not yours. Make them fix it for free. If not, complain to Ford headquarters and make THEM make the dealer fix it for free.

The manifold hose is likely the suction hose from the A/C compressor they're referring to from what I remember.

Unfortunately, the Focus is riddled with many recalls, problems, and quality quandaries. Bottom barrel car for Ford .
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out of warrenty

the car is not under warrenty so should I still make them fix it?
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The car is a 2002, how is it not under warranty? How many miles on it? Should be a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty from Ford.

Even if you are over the mileage, I STILL would complain to Ford. No year old car should have A/C trouble, period. No if ands or buts.

My 1984 Oldsmobile has the ORIGINAL A/C components which still work!!! (and it has 145,000 miles on it).
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I am with Joe on this one do not let the Ford dealer get over on you. The car is to new to have such problems. Go all the way to the top if you cant get any satisfation.Thet really don't like if you tell them how you can use the computer to your advantage to tell the world about the crummy car that ford has and the crummy service they offer.
Good lucK
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on a sidenote, has the car been in an accident, some 'cheap' mickey mouse body shops literally throw parts under the hood to fix it, wiring problems included, if yes--this is why it isn't covered, parts have to be carefully installed with all the clamps holding it down to keep it from rubbing or vibrating and causing problems like this, they might not even be original equipment parts, then why should ford pay for it?

this is something to check before making a fool of yourself(by demanding it be warranty)
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True, but if that's the case, then whatever body shop did the repair should fix the A/C for free.

It should have been part of the original damage estimate & repair. If not, I'd be on the insurance company's back to get it fixed free.

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