1989 Honda Civic Stalling/Rough Idle


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1989 Honda Civic Stalling/Rough Idle

I have a 1989 Honda Civic LX with the 1.5L engine and 161,000 miles. When the engine is warm, it idles rough about 80% of the time. Sometimes it will run rough (300-500rpms) and then the rpms will rise to 600-700 rpms. However it has only stalled once with the A/C off.

When the A/C is turned on the rpms drop and the car stalls almost immediately. The A/C blows cool, but not cold air and I do not know the last time it was serviced. It works as long as I am driving at highway speeds and dont allow the rpms to get down to idle.

I have replaced the distributor, spark plugs, wires, battery, all belts including timing, water pump, and O2 sensor to fix other problems with this car. Now this idling thing is the last hurdle.

I sprayed carb cleaner on the vacuum hoses going to the intake manifold and did not hear a rise in RPM's. I also tried cleaning the EACV out with some carb cleaner, but it had no effect. I'm not sure how good of a job i did by just spraying in those two little holes. A new EACV is $180 so it's not worth it for me to replace it.

Any ideas?
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Why isn't the valve worth replacing? Test it first, using Autolibrary (if they have the test procedure) or alldata ($25 for a year) to detemrine if it's bad or not before spending the money.

25 beats 180 any day .
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i'd have looked for an idle screw long before relacing anything else, at the worst--it won't affect it, at the best, it will fix it

some imports have an idle air bypass screw, letting it out (loosening)will let more air around the throttle blade and raise the idle, might help you here
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True---but attacks the symptom and doesn't solve the problem.

Shouldn't have to mess with the idle screw in my belief---the problem is elsewhere.
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