grand cherokee wheel noise


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grand cherokee wheel noise

I have a '96 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, 4.0 V6, with ABS and 4 wheel disc brakes.
Recently, I have heard a very dull chirping or squeaking noise coming from the back passenger side of the vehicle. I would describe it as a pulsating noise that is consistent with the speed of the vehicle and when I reach 30 mph or so the noise is inaudible, and when the vehicle is stopped I do not hear it at all.
I have inspected the brake pads and e-brake shoes and springs and even checked the rotors for excessive runout but they all appear to be in good condition.
I now suspect the wheel bearing. It looks like quite a job to replace on this vehicle and I want to make sure I am not missing something obvious before I attempt the bearing.
If anyone has experienced this before or has some insight as to what may be causing the noise I would appreciate your input...the noise is driving me nuts!!!
Thanks in advance,
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Have you checked for any bulletins that might pertain to the problem?

You could also have bad U-joints.
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when a rear axle bearing goes bad, it doesn't squeak, it hums until it eventually roars. does hitting the brakes have any affect on the noise, how about hitting the e-brake, if either of these had any affect while you're driving--it's the brakes.

u-joints do squeak pretty good when they wear out, the proper way to check them is with the axle off the ground and the trans in neutral---you want no load on the joints, they need to be 'free' hold one hand on the yoke and the other on the driveshaft, ANY slop is bad, usually accompanied by a bad vibration too, you'll need to chech each bearing cap, turn it 1/4 turn and check each one thoroughly, if you see a bright colored rust, looking like it was sprayed from the inside out, they are about to go bad.

if you still haven't found anything, i'd look at the front axle, look where the axle shaft goes into the axle tube housing, if there's a plastic spacer looking thing, that's your noise, it's rubbing on the housing, break it, smash it, hit it with a hammer, run it over when your done, i've seen a lot of them make this noise before. it's not really needed, the dodge trucks have the same axle and none of them have this piece, in theory it keeps dirt out of the axle tube, if you're that concerned, maybe just pry it away a little. if the noise is still there, front u-joints wear out usually faster than the rears, you can check them the same way.

if it's still there(the noise), it's time to get it up on four jackstands and really isolate the noise and post the results here.

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