High reving engine on 1987 Honda Accord Hatchback


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High reving engine on 1987 Honda Accord Hatchback

When I start my car, it revs at about 1800 rpm, then after about 20 seconds it goes up to 2000. If I tap the gas it goes up even higher (2300+) and stays there. I have to turn on my A/C to get it to come down so I can put into drive. While driving, if I ever turn off the A/C it starts reving high again. In fact, at a stop recently, I put the car into neutral and it reved real high and when I put it in drive the car jumped forward and the tires spun out on the gravel. Once in a while it will calm down and go down under 1000 rpm. It never did this before, but its been doing it for the last few days. Any advice?
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Is it fuel injected or carbureted? Have you checked for any vacuum leaks? Hondas of this vintage have a zillion vacuum lines.

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