Distribution Control Module


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Distribution Control Module

I just had one put in for my 1998 Ford Escort (the air was out).

It cost me $341.90 for parts and labor. Does this seem reasonable? Want to make sure I didn't get ripped off.

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What was the Ford part # of what was installed?
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I don't have the Ford Part number with me right now, but will get it. They charged me:

$187.00 for the part
$95.00 to install it
$65.00 for initial diagnosis.

I just want to ensure that this part isn't something that you can get for $10.00 and then takes only 30 minutes to install.

This is a new auto service place (local) I've gone to, and want to ensure they aren't rip-off artists before I bring them more business.

Anyway, thanks for your replies Joe (are you like the only one on here who replies to things)? ;-)
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Nah, I have two other good comoderators who work as hard as I do if not harder helping folks.

Get the Ford part # and go to www.parts.com and plug in the Ford part # on one of the participating dealers. You'll have an idea of what the price of the part will be.

Sounds like either a control head or a programmer for the A/C system.
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If the module is the same (basically) as the old power control module (Ford's famous little black box..) I'd say the cost was about right, diagnostic charge sounds about right, but installation seems a little high.. For my shop, $95.00 translates into about 1 hour's labor.. IF ( huge if there!!!) it's the same componet I'm thinking about, I would have thought about 20-30 minutes installation time...And a couple minutes retesting..

This module, is it located on the driver's side engine compartment, under the airfilter box?

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