Isuzu Pickup Truck


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Isuzu Pickup Truck

I have a 1989 Isuzu pickup truck, 58,000 miles 2.3 liter 5 speed manual transmission, after warming up it begins to miss out when I push on the gas pedal, and recently it seems to also lose power, it sometimes has a smell. Could this be the cataylitic converter
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Whoa Nelley. The converter is worth more than the truck .

When's the last time it saw a tuneup? Is the check engine light on?

Start with the simple and basic stuff first.
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neat little truck, i like these. there are MANY things to check before condeming a cat(and you wouldn't want to replace one at this age without a torch!!!), such as ignition timing, belt timing, intake manifold leaks, carbureter problems(choke stuck closed), weak fuel pump, clogged fuel filter, rusted out fuel line on top of the tank(sucking air) clogged air filter, burned exhaust valves!

when was the last time the hood was up, the valves should have been adjusted at 15,000 and 30,000 miles, read the owners manual, especially if you load this thing down and haul heavy things, it will eat valves if not adjusted properly. plugs should not be more than 20,000 miles old, if plug #3 won't come out, you found your problem--head gasket--cracked head.

there should be a round sight glass on the front of the carbureter, i think the fuel should be right in the middle or somewhat close to it, if you can still see through it. take the air filter top off, when the engine is fully warmed up, the choke should be wide open, compare it to when it is (overnight)cold and after one pedal pump, that 'set's' it to close it.

fuel filters can clog up easily with one bad tank of gas, distributor caps can corrode over time, plug wires are close to the exhaust manifold and can break down internally

you are very close to the 60,000 mile service(the big one) which includes a timing belt, you will bend valves in a blink of an eye if the belt jumps or breaks, best to photocopy the maintenance schedule in the owners manual, find someone who is COMPETENT to perform every single thing on the chart, even the most miniscule thing, it wouldn't be there if it wasn't important(like pinion nut torque, they can loosen and destroy a rear)( as a comparison, my dealer charges $650 for this service, parts and labor included)

if you have maintained this thing perfectly, a complete service is not necessary, but consider maybe taking it to a dealer or a good independant shop, throwing parts blindly at a car can get expensive quickly and will be frustrating to you as it doesn't get fixed

i would say to NEVER replace a cat converter without first measuring backpressure inside the pipe, but your's doesn't have an oxygen sensor port to hook a guage to, i seem to remember reading that some company makes a kit that can screw a self-tapping bolt into the pipe to hook a guage to, then put a cap into it to prevent future leaks, insist that backpressure is measured before replacing the converter!

post here with any/all results you get or even to ask more questions

one more thing, check all the vacuum lines, the ends get brittle and split where they hook up to things, cut 1/4"- 1/2" off and reattach them

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