charging problem


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charging problem

94 mitsubishi expo. replaced battery and altenater but still have battery light on, and battery losing power.could their be a bad fuse? If so where is it located.
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Under the hood should be a fuse/relay box with a cover. Usually near 1 of the shock/strut towers.. There should be a fuse in there for the alternator/charging system..
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Agree with MSA.

You may have a defective alternator---rebuild quality varies WIDELY out there.
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measure battery voltage at the battery terminals with a good voltmeter, it should be 13.5-14.5 idling. then measure the voltage at the back of the alternator on the big fat terminal, should be the same.

if the battery volts are good- the problem is somewhere else in the car
if the battery volts are low-check the alternater volts
if the alternator volts are low too--time for another alternator
if the alternator volts are good(but battery volts bad) look for a fusible link, a main charging fuse or a broken wire between the alt and battery, i think this car has a bunch of little wires coming off the positive battery terminal, sometimes they corrode and break off, there also might be a little compartment on the pos. terminal that has this fuse inside it

did you unplug the battery when you replaced the alternator, you can very easily make big sparks if you unbolt the battery terminal off the alternator and hit the engine block, this will blow the fuse/fusible link in 1/2 second and cause this problem.

post back with what fixes the problem or more questions

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