Headlight problem


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Headlight problem

I have a 1984 Bronco 11 and when I hit a bump in the road the lights go out. A new headlight switch was installed but it is still the same. The switch did not come with a new stem. Could it be that? Thank you ahead for your help.
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No, that would likely be a wiring problem. Something is probably rubbing or grounding out. Inspect all the wiring coming from the headlight switch and to the headlights.
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i'm curious, try this easy step first

put a jumper cable from battery negative to a good clean spot on the vehicle body--not the engine or frame, and see if all is good.

i remember a friend who lifted his body a few inches and 'somehow' lost the ground wire to the body, only the body bolts were intermittenly making the connection and when he hit bumps, all his lights went out, until he made a dedicated ground between the body and battery---no more problems after that.

it's an easy first step

let us know

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