Driving Lights


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Driving Lights

I am installing driving lights on my '97 sunfire. That is no problem. however I would like to tie them into the high beam switch so they will go off when the headlights are dimmed. How?
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Obtain a good wiring diagram for this project if you are hellbent on doing it. With OBDII cars, you must be careful with where you tap into a wiring harness.

Driving lights may be illegal in many states depending on the lamps and regulations. In my belief, it's just a "PULL ME OVER" red flag.
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when you say 'dimmed' do you mean that the driving lights act the same way as regular headlights--controlled by the same switch, or driving lights turn off when highbeams are used just like fog lights are supposed to work.

if you want to hook it into the factory headlights, have the power source to the original car's bulbs activate a relay that powers up the driving lights

if you want the driving lights to dim when the high beams are turned on, see if your car has the kind of headlights that actually switches between low and high beams, instead of just adding the high beam output to the low beam output to make the 'high beams' then the easiest thing is to tap into the lowbeams and use a relay, don't over tax the current headlight switch with more wattage than it was designed for. just stick a test light into the low beam wire and see if it goes out when switching to highbeams, if not, i don't know what to tell you, maybe get creative with a relay that turns 'off' the driving lights when the highs are on, maybe someone else has an answer

i applaud your efforts to hook something up the correct way, i really hope you follow through on your efforts and AIM THEM CORRECTLY, like pointing down!

let us know if it works this way

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