Parts to save?


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Parts to save?

My wifes got an 88 Park Ave that she wrecked. So what does a good hubby like me do? He finds a 90 Park Ave at auction for $175. I've stripped the front clip, trunk lid, and some other electrical parts hers needs. Now I wondering if you guys can think of anything else that a guy might want to keep for spares before I send this one to the crusher. Any thoughts?
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Strip everything you can fit into boxes and then sell the carcass of the car on Ebay as a "junker". Someone may buy it for a structural member or for steel weight. Put it up for 50 bucks no reserve. It will likely go fast. State that the new owner must tow it away themselves unless you can get it to them reasonably.

Take out all of the body panels, electronics, drive axles, good sheetmetal and anything you can store in a shed or out of the elements neatly in boxes. Anything left outside will turn to dust and be useless when you need it.

In 1990, I stripped a 1979 Toronado I paid 700 bucks for to use for parts. I JUST updated my spreadsheet. I got 535 of those 700 1990 dollars back through sales on Ebay and whatnot. I still have more to sell .

Bottom line: Whatever you don't use down the road, there is always Ebay .

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