security remote won't work


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Unhappy security remote won't work

My remote won't work. Yes i've changed the batteries. I've located the two wires that go into a main relay i guess. there is a picture of the relay and so i know that the green and black wire controls the motor lock. Can I bypass this. The security system was installed after the car was purchased. It's on a 92 chevy caprice who's check engine light stays on and white (sometimes black) smoke comes out of tailpipe.

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Doesn't sound like anyone's going to be stealing that one .

Does the car not start as a result of this issue? If not, leave it alone. Aftermarket alarm installations are hornet's nests of problems if not done right.
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Doesn't sound like anyone's going to be stealing that one

joe--by that statement alone, i question if you really are from nyc!!! and you know what i mean!
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Why, because half of the cop cars and cabs here are Chevy Caprices?

(or were).....actually mostly Crown Vics now. The older Caprices are with the private cabbies now.

Besides, most of the CV's smoke up a storm anyhow .

Yes, I have lived in NYC my whole life

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