Engine additives???


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Question Engine additives???

Can anyone give me advise about these engine additives ie. slick50, prolong, z-max ect. i have a higher milage jeep and will these hurt the engine? Anyone have success/failure stories. Is it worth the investment. I change oil and filter regularly @ 3000 miles. Which additive do you think is the best? what about the tranny additives? thanks
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Junk. Snake oil. Worthless. In fact, their claims have never been validated.

Said it once here, say it a million times: Regular maintenance is key.

You do 3000 mile oil & filter changes. The best thing you can do for your car. Change your tranny fluid and filter every 25k.

Leave those on the shelf and spend your money elsewhere.
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Save your money and spend it on the 3000 mile oil changes. My wife's '95 Camry has over 150,000 miles on just oil changes, no additives. The 350 Chevy motor in the older of our two gas-powered trucks has 350,000 total miles, over 200k on the short block. The original trans was just recently overhauled at approx 340,000 miles. Neither the engine or the tranny gets any special additives, just regular fluid and filter changes (and we use the cheapest 10w-30 and tranny fluid that Sam's Club sells).

I love the commercials Z-max runs with some retired Air Force general saying, "In MY OPINION" Z-max does this, that, and the other thing. Key word - OPINION - meaning it doesn't have to do diddly squat and the commercial is still not false advertising.

Never have decided which wastes more money in the USA, the 27 different variations of ways to loss weight (cremes, pills, powders, etc, ad nauseum) or the 27 different ways to improve the oil in your car (STP, Z-max, Slick-50, etc, ad nauseum).
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additives are no excuse for proper maintenance---then you wouldn't even need an additive

i will say one thing though, in the days before i actually measured gas mileage, one bottle of something in the oil made me get an extra days commute on $10 of gas(45 miles), nothing else changed, no spike or drop in gas prices, same route taken, same traffic. that little 1984 2.2L turbo made it to 194,000 miles and still had 5 quarts in the pan come time to change it at 3,000 miles(it was retired for other reasons, engine still ran)

maybe(the not real) mcgyver can be our guinea pig, do some mileage and oil consumption tests three times before and after the additive, see if anything happens
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