1999 Taurus - 3.0 L


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1999 Taurus - 3.0 L

A friend of mine has had this vehicle back to the dealer 4 times now. As they are going along the car cuts out for a couple of seconds and then goes -
A new computer has been put in, which solved the problem for about 2 weeks, but it is back again.
Gas filter, wiring harness and many other things have been checked.
They have apparently checked the "codes" , but cannot find the problem.

Can anyone offer any suggestions on this?

Thanks in advance
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It sounds like a loose connection.

I suggest getting the car to another Ford dealer if it's still under warranty, or to a GOOD independent shop familiar with Fords and their many electrical gremlins.

If I were your friend, I'd also demand my money back from the dealership who supposedly fixed the car.
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Thumbs up

I agree with Knuckles.
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Take the car back to get it repaired right and proceed to sell the car.
I've own a Taurus and it is the silent "Edsel" from FoMoCo.
Where can I start, except from Transmission to Electrical. They are horrible.
5 known friends who also had Taurus' from various years and had the
same problems. Its a known fact, so this isn't a libel post. I've had other Ford products and they ran great. its just Taurus turned out to be a "bad sign"--get it?
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I've run into 2 of these this week..(well, 1 Sable and 1 Taurus).. Both were quickly fixed by cleaning the battery cables..Why Fords corrode so badly, who know.. But they sure cause headaches with the electrical systems...Same symptoms..Runs, then cut's out..No codes, radio comes and goes..
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Thanks for all the input. Will pass it on when I see him tomorrow.

Thanks again and have a good day.

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