Concorde no reverse


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Question Concorde no reverse

Our 1995 Chrysler Concorde 3.5L 4 speed OD ATx with 116k miles has recently lost reverse. All forward gears appear to be functioning normally including OD.

The trans shops I have taken it to have indicated this is a MAJOR problem and will likely lead to total trans failure. None have gone beyond an external inspection and diagnosis.
One did indicate that the Fluid had a "slightly burnt smell, and is brown".

Is this likely a full rebuild/replace situation, or can reverse be repaired w/o a complete trans overhaul or replacement?

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Sounds finished. Burnt/brown tranny fluid is a sure fire sign it's wasted inside.

It MIGHT come back with a fluid and filter change, but it sounds wiped internally.

How often was the fluid and filter changed?
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A qualified transmission shop *can* repair just the reverse problem, but it's nearly as much work as a complete overhaul & you'll be charged accordingly. If you find a shop willing to do this type of repair, it's likely they WILL NOT warranty the job.

Chrysler had LOTS of transmission problems from 1989 or 1990-96 or '97. They've improved somewhat since then, but they're still more problematic than transmissions offered by Ford & GM.

Bottom line:

The most cost effective long term repair for your car is a complete transmission overhaul. Make sure the shop you choose has lots of Chrysler experience & make sure they install all applicable updates when overhauling your trans.
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that's because there is nothing else to do besides "beyond an external inspection and diagnosis" if they're really motivated(and you're paying) they might hook up a pressure guage to the reverse pressure port, but the burn't fluid tells the story. like knuckles said, a complete overhaul is going inside the transmission. if you tell them to replace only reverse clutches and nothing else, you might save one hour of labor and $100 in parts, then you have no warranty, and the same style 'old' clutches everywhere else inside about to 'go'.

get a few estimates over the phone, a dealer or two, a 'chain' trans shop or three, maybe a good independant shop willing to try this, get rebuild prices vs. replace prices and also factor into it the warranty offered( jasper has a 3yr/75,000 mile warranty, the dealer is the same price but less warranty)

you probably could drive this for a while longer, the only risk you run is the filter getting clogged with clutch debris and starving the trans for fluid, but that would have happened by now. or, whatever caused one clutch to go, might cause the others to go soon( i bet you were stuck on snow/ice this winter and 'rocked' the vehicle front to back to get it unstuck, and caused the beginning of this damage then, that is SO hard on your internal parts) but i wouldn't drive it(without reverse) backing up somewhere just might save your life

note: you or anybody servicing the trans must only use chrysler's "ATF+3" in this vehicle

c'mon knuckles, we didn't have THAT many problems with these
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Knuckles original statement:

Chrysler had LOTS of transmission problems from 1989 or 1990-96 or '97. They've improved somewhat since then, but they're still more problematic than transmissions offered by Ford & GM.

I agree. Excepting the Ford Taurus/Sable trannies from 1986 to 95, it doesn't get more rock bottom than these Chrysler units.

You can rank the GM THM440T4 in the mix too. LOL.

A friend of mine got a factory Mopar unit off the shelf for a Dakota. Exploded in 500 miles. Teardown revealed a factory error, but Chrysler refused to pay for anything.

If it's a 4 speed Chrysler, it's problematic in a lot of ways. Early failure, slippage, solenoid issues, lackluster shift quality, etc, etc, etc.

Hence, I'd have to agree with Knuckles.
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joe---so i know what to look for in the future, what was the factory error

the reman. trans should have had a warranty, why wasn't it covered?
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When I talk to this gentleman, I will ask him. I became friendly with him by helping him out with a problem he had with the company's products some years ago. Very knowledgable guy, patient, easy going and always keeps up on the new stuff. He's also an old car buff and loves to chat classics.

I know he's been on arbitrator boards and expert witnesses in court cases. He's from Oregon and seems to know their DEQ system pretty well.

He was steamed about advising the customer to get a Chrysler unit and then felt embarrassed when it exploded in 500 miles. In turn the customer, while he was understanding, was steamed that Chrysler wouldn't do anything on his behalf. Steve, the guy I know had to eat it so as not to lose a good customer.

I will contact him shortly and get more detail.
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My friend had a Stratus tranny die at 67k. My neighbor had a Caravan tranny die at 44k(Chrysler honored the warantee but it wasn't easy) My 91 Taurus trans died at 70k---Question---
"Does Chrysler or America know how to make a front wheel drive auto transmission?"
Our rising sun allies seem to-- AKA Honda and Toyota. (Knock on wood--my auto tranny Saturn still runs smooth at 38k.)
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Sure, but RWD is far superior . The Rolls Royce used a THM400 and then the electronic variant of it later on.

Japanese trannies will soak you fiercely when they go, and they DO go, depending on the unit and machine.

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