98 Grand AM - AM/FM/CD Player wiring diagram


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98 Grand AM - AM/FM/CD Player wiring diagram


I was at the junkyard this past weekend and I salvaged an Factory Installed AC Delco AM/FM/CD Player with Equalizer unit from a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am. I want to put it in my 1997 Plymouth Voyager. Since both are GM automobiles, the unit should fit right in. However, I think the wiring harness is different. I have the wiring diagram for my Plymouth Voyager from the Haynes Manual.. But I don't have one for the Grand Am, as I don't actually own a Grand Am.

Does anybody have the wiring diagram or at least know the wire color coding from a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am stereo?


sleepy floyd
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Umm, a 1997 Voyager is not a GM product .

It likely won't work between a GM and a Chrysler without much modification.

Find a closer model with a CD player to that which is going to receive it. .
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As Joe said, the Voyager is NOT a GM product.

However, both GM and Chrysler (who manufactured your Voyager) use "double DIN" sized radios, so the Pontiac radio will physically fit in your instrument panel.

You can cobble together an adapter harness by using an aftermarket radio installation kit for your van and a "radio theft kit" for the Grand Am. You'll need wiring diagrams for both vehicles to cut & splice the installation kit harness to the Grand Am theft kit harness.

I have the GM diagram & I'll be happy to post it, but before I do you need to check that the TheftLoc feature has been disabled.

Return to the junkyard where you bought the radio & ask them to power it up. If it displays "LOC", it's useless to you. If it powers up correctly, let us know & I'll post the diagram.
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Crutchfield.com MAY be able to help you here, but the wiring's going to be pretty hokey and a lot of work for a lackluster sounding radio.

I'd return it, if you can't do that, Ebay it. Then get one for a Chrysler. My friend interchangeably swaps radios between the 1991 Dodge Shadow he has and the 1997 Stratus his parents gave him. Fits perfectly, down to the plugs.
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thanks for the comments..

My mistake.. My Voyager is not a GM product.. but the radio is double DIN so it fits perfectly.. and I think they are both AC Delco brands.. but not positive on it..

I'm not concerned with having a KICK-Butt state of the art sound system.. Its a Mini-van afterall.. not my living room.. I just want to be able to play my CD's..

A new radio from Chrysler will set me back at least $300. And what they sell, is probably gonna be the same thing, just with a Chrysler nameplate.

As far as getting another from the junkyard... CD players are pretty scarce around the junkyard.. the guy who runs the place sez the go as fast as he can get them...

The theft lock system is disabled.. I know.. cause I pulled the CD player out of the Grand Am myself. The engine was still operable (front end and axle were smashed) so I started up the car, and made sure the radio worked.. I disconnected and reconnected the radio, then I made sure the radio still worked.

Crutchfield can't help.. they sell harness adapters for new stereo systems(name brands) to every vehicle made, but they don't carry vehicle to vehicle converters...

Anyway... someone from another internet automotive forum posted the diagrams.. thanks for all the help and suggestions though..

-sleepy floyd
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