2000 5.9 dakota - stalls in the AM


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2000 5.9 dakota - stalls in the AM

2000 5.9 dakota - when I start it in the morning, if I put it into gear right away (after the initial high idle - 3-5 seconds), the RPM's drop to almost null, and then they surge to about 1500. Sometimes the RPM's drop enough that I stall out. If I let the truck idle for a good 20-30 seconds before putting it into gear I usually don't have the pblm. . . i know i know. . . if waiting 30 seconds prevents the problem, then problem solved. . .but it didn't do it when I bought in 2001. And it only occurs in the morning - maybe it's not a morning truck :-) - when I leave work in the afternoon, I can start it up, and put it into gear right away.

and also, my girlfriends 91 honda accord has just started doing it.

I throw a bottle of STP injector cleaner in the tank at every oil change (2000-2500 miles).

is this just an idle control pblm?
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It could be. Did you get gas at the same station?

Any trouble codes? Run by Autozone and have them scan it to be sure.
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