93 dodge caravan 3.3 losing coolent


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Question 93 dodge caravan 3.3 losing coolent

I think it is time for a water pump. I can see water leaking out the bottom of the skid plate( or cover thats connected to the Front fender) I don't have time to really look further right now but I have a couple days off so I was wondering how hard is it to change myself. The van has 170,000 miles on it and my wife loves it too much to get rid of. I offered her my 96 suburban with all the bells and whisles and she wants to keep driving the van. Is this something I can do myself?
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Sounds like the water pump.

It's a super easy job. Chrysler actually did SOMETHING right with these vans!

Engine cold, drain coolant from radiator.

Remove the RF wheel & splash shield. The water pump will now be staring you in the face.

Loosen, but do not remove the bolts that hold the water pump pulley to the pump.

Remove the serpentine belt.

Remove the pulley bolts.

Remove the pump.

Install the new pump & O-ring.

Inspect all coolant hoses, thermostat & serpentine belt.

Replace worn/old parts.

Reverse above procedure for pump installation.

It's quite easy. The whole job takes less than an hour, even working at home with only hand tools.

I have photos if you need them. I took them for an article I've yet to write for batauto.com. I'll be happy to share them if they'll help.
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You can also see the R&R procedure at the autolibrary.org link below in my signature file.
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Thanks Knuckles. ANd yes please send me the photos @ the e-mail address in my profile. Thanks again
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knuckles spelled it out pretty clearly--a few things i'd like to add though, 1. don't touch the radiator pet**** at this mileage, put your drainpan under the water pump and take the big radiator hose off the bottom of the water pump housing, it's much easier too. the pet**** might loosen, but might not tighten. 2. of the five 10mm bolts that hold the water pump to the housing, watch the bottom one very closely as you break it loose, especially watch the back of the bolt(on the other side, the oil filter side) make sure it turns as you turn the front half, when anti-freeze leaks onto this bolt, it corrodes it into the housing, if the bolt isn't turning in the first attempt to loosen it, uses some heat, like a propane torch or something. the bolt's head will twist off and ruin your day immediately! 3. use a razor blade or sandpaper to clean off where the o-ring seats and ignore all the pitting in the housing(timing cover), the o-ring will almost always seal into the irregularities.

and it is a real easy job

before you get heavy into this job, look from the top at the little hose from the thermostat housing down to the water pump, they can leak too and you might want to replace this while you have the system drained (a foot of hose and two clamps extra)
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Thanks for all the info. And the pictures will be a great help. I thought it would be a big deal but you all straitened me out. I will keep you posted on my results.
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I checked Autolibrary on this application and the R&R instructions are there too. Looks like it's ripped off from the factory manual too .
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