ABS on 1993 Acheiva


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ABS on 1993 Acheiva

A few weeks ago my ABS light came on and stayed on , since I was awany from home I took the car to a service shop, they told me that my normal braking would function without ABS, so i decided to continue driving the car and get it repaired when I got home. That was two weeks ago, yesterday the brake light came on and will not go off, I have checked brake fluid level and even flushed the system with new fluid, following the procedure for my vechile. I was wondering are the two related and why, also is there any way to check the ABS system without an analyzer, and the plugs be checked for voltage and ground connections and if so where could I find the specs for such a test. I will not be back home for another week or so and cannot afford the cost of a dealer service repair, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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If you ARE going to attempt the repair at minimum you'll need some good service information. A $25 Alldata.com subscription will "probably" do. The best information is the GM manual.

ABS or any brake repairs are not something to gamble with. Brakes are vital to your and everyone around's safety.

The ABS problem should have been corrected at the time the fault was dectected. There is likely a hydraulic and an ABS problem at this point.
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Well as usual I got stubborn and would not take my car to dealer or service depo to have this fixed, I did however fix my problem. I purchased a copy of the Chilton's manual for my car, this manual give a good explanation of how to remove and and reinstall ABS components along with the required rehoming procedures and brake bleeding instructions. ( I have a Haynes manual for my car and it has none of this info) Anyway after determining that I indeed had a computer failure and hydraulic failure to deal with, I went to local dealership and got some cross-refferance info as to what models and years shared the same ABS systems as mine, then off to the salvage yard, the ECBM that cost 1050.00 at the local dealership was a mere 25.00 at the junkyard (go figure) and I picked up a spare or two while I was there, attendant told me to take three and if one worked return the others which I did. At this point I figured why not rebuild the master cylinder, it's off the car and might just save me more trouble later down the line, also since I had a hydraulic failure to deal with this was a good place to start to eliminate some potential problem, 22.30 for the rebuild kit, bench bleed master cylinder kit was included in the rebuid kit (sweet!), assembled ABS unit as per Chilton's manual, reinstall into car and bleed system as per Chilton's manual procedure. Car works great now ABS system cycles and light goes out within 3 secs or so, also brakes feel better than they have since I bought the car. Hope this info is of some use to those out there, and not to be rude but you don't have to be a rocket scientist to fix these problems, a little patience and the right info and determination and you can do it. Good luck to anyone who attempts this sort of repair. Later guys!

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