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what to do

Here is the problem my 2003 Toyota Matrix has reached 15 thousand miles. Per the scheduled maintenance it call for a fuel injector cleaning (not a can of cleaner in the tank) but what I have heard run the car on cleaner by taping into the fuel rail.
I guess this is not a DIY item am I right? I have done all the other stuff like change gear oil, adjust rear brakes, change air filter, and inspect a bunch of other stuff.
I know the dealer will zap my wallet to perform this item should I just blow it off? Car runs great no problems. If I don't do it it might void the Warranty.
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Void the warranty? Lol says who?

As I recall, the style injector used is a F style Bosch injector and is pretty durable.

In my opinion: Money making service for the dealer, nothing else.

Use good quality fuel and spend the money you'd pay the dealer on a new gas filter. Money better spent.
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Thanks Joe

I was thinking the same thing I did change the gear oil with the castrol 70-90 weight and the stuff that came out was the same color as what I put in. They want 240 bucks to do the 15 thousand mile service.
I spent about Max 40 dollars on oil and stuff the most was on the OEM air filter that was almost 20 from the dealer.
I use only good fuel like Texaco, Shell and name brands like that.
I might switch to Fram air filters 20 bucks is a little steep. The Toyota oil filiters are not bad about 3 bucks each.
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It might pay to get the OEM part numbers and order a case or two of the filters to have them on the shelf when you are ready to do the job.

Try 1sttoyotaparts.com, parts.com or any other online parts retailer for OEM stuff. Many give a decent discount off of list. Watch out for steep shipping though. Ask before you buy.
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Make sure you follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule, not the dealer's 'recommended' maintenance schedule.

The manufacturer's schedule is listed in your owner's manual.

The dealer's schedule is often a separate pamphlet included with your owner's manual.

Dealers have these things printed up to boost their bottom line.

Below are the items listed in the owner's manual under 15K mile Severe Service:

Ball Joint
Inspect for looness or damage.

Ball Joint Dust Cover, Lower
Check for deterioration or damage.

Ball Joint Dust Cover, Upper
Check for deterioration or damage.

Check fluid levels and condition.

Air Filter Element

Body and Frame
Nuts and bolts on chassis and body, inspect and tighten if needed.

Brake Hose/Line
Inspect brake lines and hoses.

Constant Velocity Joint Boot

Disc Brake System
Inspect disc brake pads and rotors.

Drum Brake System
Inspect brake linings and drums.

Exhaust System
Inspect exhaust pipes and mountings.

Inspect steering linkage and boots.

Steering Box
Inspect for leakage or damage.

Inspect nuts and bolts for chassis and body.

Oil (E)

Oil Filter, Engine (E)


(S) = Service Warranty Requirement
(E) = Emission Warranty Requirement
(B) = Both Service and Emission Warranty Requirement

Note that fuel injector cleaning isn't listed.
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I feel like a heel

You are correct it says nothing about fuel injection cleaning. It also says nothing about gear oil change except for the 4 wheel drive and then only to check. I replaced it.(oh well).I can see you really have to watch the dealer they really wanted my 240 bucks.
On the positive side I did more then required but that is a good thing.
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Thumbs up

Knuckles makes a good point and gave you good information.

If you follow the "severe" category in the maintenance schedule, the car should be virtually trouble-free for the lifetime of the vehicle.

I've been prescribing to this for close to 16 years of driving and I've been rewarded with reliable service of my vehicles and those I maintain.

In the end it hasn't cost you much more and you're aware of what's going on under your hood.

None of my cars has seen a mechanic except for me/my neighbor who doesn't charge me, we work on cars together.
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