power window motor


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power window motor

I just bought a used motor for my driver's side power window for my '97 Subaru Legacy (4 door). I was told it wasn't complicated to install myself. I have tried to look up manuals to see what it entails and I don't even know where to look. It was mentioned to me that I may have to disconnect the battery before I can even take the door off. Any other important info I should know so I don't blow up my car?
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Disconnect the battery so you don't ground anything out.

Depending on the style of regulator used, some vehicles are serviced with the glass, regulator and motor out of the vehicle (for instance many GM vehicles).

I believe the Subaru uses a cable type system to wind up the regulator.

Check autolibrary.org below and if that doesn't have anything, hit your local library for a repair manual you can borrow.

Failing that, a $25 Alldata.com subscription should have what you need.
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Thanks so much!
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CHILTON manuals are good for some semi-detailed info . But it has to be the CHILTON Subaru specific
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Well, I was able to take the plastic shell off the door and I removed all the screws only to find that the metal frame seemed to be welded closed. Since I have no experience with doing this at all, I think I may just have to bring it somewhere where they can either unweld it or they know how to do it by feel. If it weren't for the door, I think I would have been able to finish it. Thanks for all your help.
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Most of the time any window related repairs are done in the dark. "By feel" as you said. They can be a real pita! In high school body shop class that was one part of 1st year finals was to remove a caddy door, completly disassymble it, paint it, put it back together and re-install it. Ever since I cringe every time I have to work on a door.
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Most GM's with the tape regulator require service OUTSIDE the door. It's a nasty job and you can get cut up very easily. Adding to this fact if the car is a theft scenario where there's a pile of glass at the bottom of the door. LOL.

I did the window motor on my 84 Olds 88. It took my neighbor and I a couple of hours at his shop; he's done 100s of them over the years.

I used a whiz wheel and cut the old rivets, taping the door glass up with heavy duct tape. Then I removed the glass and the regulator and motor. Once it's out, there's more drilling (the old rivets of the motor). Then it's an erector set to reassemble.

It takes a few hours to do right , and I have all the tools and an air compressor.

Original poster: What were you quoted for the job? It can be done, but it takes patience and time and a little know-how.
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