78 C10 chevy


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Question 78 C10 chevy

I have a 1978 C10 Chevy pickup with a 250 inline 6 and a three on the tree tranny. It ticks bad and may need a lifter but it also seems to load up at high rpms and backfires or has an exhaust leak but it looses power at the higher rpms, What should I check first? it looses no oil, and no water is in the oil.
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The first two things that come to mind for me is either your carburetor is loading up or you have a stopped up catalytic converter. That is where I would start.
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Along with finding the culprit of the ticking I'd also check the distributor cap, rotor, points (if equipped not sure what ignition would be on a 78 I-6) and plugs then look into the carb.
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extreme ticking, loss of RPM. sounds like this dinosaur needs a valve job. the simplicity of an old c10 6 reminds me of high school. youre lucky to drive such a pre-eletronic machine. check the compression w/ a compression meter, if the piston rings dont leak oil and compression is fine, remove the head, exhau manfld, intake manfl & carb and take it to a machine shop, get a quality valve job. buy a head gasket, intake & exhaust man gasket and reinstall making sure the timing chain (new one costs $22) is put on right along with DTC with the dist cap. (if you know how) I wish my 01 car was that simple...oh how I yearn for 1976....
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Agree with all posters. Start with the Basics.

This is a simple simon old truck. Something silly is wrong with it more than likely. Some TLC and time should straighten it out.

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