Ford F100


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Ford F100

Hay guys I found one. I found a 1972 Ford f100.And it is in GREAT!!! Shape. He is offering $1450 for it. It has a AT.V8,standerd stering,$800 brake job,new tires.This truck was put in a garage for 12 years he has put on 3000 miles on it since he baught it,It has 122,000 miles on it it has not rolled over. So what do you think? I dont think Iam goign to do the pre-but check up because this guy lives in a realy nice place and he drove up in a lexes convertable. I trust this guy.So would I be stupid to pass this up? thank you very much for your replys. Matt
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If you mean that he's selling it for $1450 and the body isn't a bondo bucket (check the box, floors, and cab corners) its a good price. However att that mileage it could be about ready for an engine/tranny rebuild. But still not a bad price for a classic Ford truck .

As far as no need to check, look at this(long read) may be a start to an urban ledgend or just someone drummin for carfax but dang buyer beware. secound half from above link
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Solid old truck, strong, likely going to be riddled with minor annoyance problems though.

Bank on that and have it checked out by a good mechanic. Have it put on a lift, a compression check done, as well as full inspection. Spend the money to have it checked or you'll get burned.

Have the seller with you and arrange this service with a GOOD independent shop. Tell them what you are doing. Ask for the report in writing and if the seller won't split the cost, he's hidng something.

Skip it if that's the case. Doesn't matter what he has in his driveway, have it checked independently.
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