ford taurus motor mount


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ford taurus motor mount

My dad and I are replacing the front right motor mount on a 1987 ford taurus v6 3.0 liter. We got the bolts removed and lifted the engine as per the manual, and ran into a snag. the manual says to remove the power steering pump along with the a/c compressor to access the mount for removal and installation. We figured we could bypass this step as it would be fairly easy to just slide it out. Turns out the a/c compressor is indeed in the way. My question is, do we have to pull the power steering pump, alternator, a/c compressor and all that crap to get this sucker out? Is there a way we can get around removing all these parts? We have never worked on a car like this before and are worried once we get it apart and put the new motor mount in we might run into bigger problems. Any hints or tips for this? Any input, even if it's useless, is appreciated. Thanks everyone.
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as a former taurus alumni (1991 3.0 GL Wagon--it sucked big time Bill Clinton)
I'd follow per CHILTON manual. I had the MM replaced by a friend mechanic mind you, he still charged me $400---and he has a hydraulic lift which you guys probably don't have. He told me it was a bear and those items pulled and a
AC recharge(which I couldnt afford by then) was needed. good luck
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One reason I don't own a Ford. LOL. I remember this to be a PITA of a job.

Have you checked autolibrary for anything?

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