Ford Taurus Engine swap


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Question Ford Taurus Engine swap

I have a 1991 Ford Taurus GL wagon, 3.8L.

A friend of a friend is looking to get rid of his 1989 Taurus, 3.0L.

The engine is the only good thing about my 1991. Everything else is shot. (Bad tranny, bad mounts, bad p/s pump, etc.)

On the 1989, the only bad thing is the engine. Everything else works.

Is it a simple swap to put my 1991 3.8 into the 1989 with an existing 3.0? (I know, I know; nothing simple about a Taurus) Or is it sooooo much work, that I want to avoid it at all costs?
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Why on God's green earth would you do that??????

The Ford 3.8 is a head gasket blowing nightmare.

Neither the 3.0 Taurus or the 3.8 Taurus is a stellar vehicle. The 3.0 is slightly better, but still a heap. Both have tranny failures, wicked quality problems and are just plain terrible.

If anything, drive the 3.0 from your friend as is till that tranny pukes. When both cars have worn out, donate both and save your pennies for something better.
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Tell me how you really feel, Joe.

I think I'll take your advice, and pass up on the freebie 3.0.

That one has a mysterious engine knock, that started after it overheated.

Thanks for your input!!!!
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In the long run, that's probably your best bet..(passing up on the swap..) I can't remember for sure, but don't think the motor mounts are the same, nor bolt to the sub-frame in the same place. And it goes down hill from there..mounts for alternator, power steering, ect..are different..Torque converters are different..computers are different...ect, ect.. Not a job I'd want to take on..

My cents...
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The swap itself would be incredibly easy since you have both cars.

BUT...I agree w/ everyone else. It's not a wise investment of your time or money.

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