84 Celica misfire or clutch slipping?


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84 Celica misfire or clutch slipping?

Hi folks,

I have an 84 Toyota celica 22RE, 182Kmi.

I've started getting what feels like rapid misfiring when accelerating hard. I'm not 100% sure if it's indeed misfiring or my clutch is slipping, but it's not acting like clutch slip where my rev's would be flying. The car shudders until I let off the gas a bit. I can easily get it to happen in 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear. I haven't
noticed if it does it in 4th/5th

I just swapped in a new clutch, but I "don't" think this has much to do with it, and since I felt some light "misfiring" a couple of times before I swapped it out and had assumed my clutch was slipping instead. Now it's a bit worse. I didn't see any signs of oil contamination when I was in there, and I was careful (I think) to degrease the new pressure plate's surface.

I can rev up the engine at high rpm's with no misfiring. No problems on the freeway cruising at 75-80mph

My plugs are recent, distributer/cap are OK, wires appear OK (although I haven't ohmed them out yet), fuel pump/filter have 40-50K miles on them.

Ignition timing at idle is OK, but I notice timing advance jumps to 35-40BTDC as soon as the throttle is touched. I can't remember if it used to advance as rpms goes up instead of jumping straight to 35-40BTDC. I don't hear any pinging...

If my vacuum advance mechanism is shot, what are typical symptoms?

any ideas?

thanks in advance!

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Check the vacuum advance if so equipped. How long since the last tuneup? Is it misfiring or does it chuggle/chatter when you play with the clutch in and out?

What brand of clutch was used? Flywheel resurfaced? New throwout bearing? If not, the problem is here, or in the installation.

If it were engine related, it would likely do it in and out of gear.
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Hi Joe,

I used remanufactured Toyota parts. That's probably one problem. I put in a new pilot and throwout bearing. But [different topic] my clicking I mentioned a while ago is still there because the throwout bearing hub is worn such that it catches on the release fork as it's being pushed in and then it clicks when it gives. I stupidly followed the toyota part's guy suggestion of just putting some grease on it instead of swapping it out completely since he said people normally don't replace the hubs. It's more of an irritation rather than a problem. I'll need to drop the tranny again one of these days.

Is resurfacing really needed? the flywheel was smooth-- no funny ridges or anything.

I just had the car smogged a few months ago; it passed well below emissions. But this "misfiring" started shortly thereafter and recently got worse. I do all maintenance myself, so I "think" I've covered all of the obvious stuff.

I don't see puffs of smoke or anything out the rear, which isn't to say there isn't any.

playing with the clutch doesn't seem to make any noises or mechanical chatter... if anything, it slips as clutch in/out while keeping the foot on the gas.. I'll play with the clutch again on the way home tonight.

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Isolate where the problem is, tranny versus engine misfire. You could also have gotten defective ignition parts.

As you suggested earlier, ohm them out and see what you get. Inspect them carefully as well. Look for any vacuum leaks.

Toyota reman parts (if you bought them from the dealer) are every bit as good as new, in fact, they often improve on the original designs, so they are BETTER in many cases.
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Sounds like a secondary ignition problem. Plug wires, cap & rotor or plugs.


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